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So, as this is my first blog, I have to give some big shout-outs to the following people:

1) Tom Hespos – my business partner at Underscore who got me into the whole idea of setting up a blog in the first place. Were it not for his help, you would not be reading this!

2) Glenn Rempe – perhaps the only person I know who would say to me “Dude, check out the hacked Tivo” before I was able to crash at his apartment in San Francisco with my wife while he was galavanting in Hawaii with his girlfriend. Glenn is a rare combination of cool and geek (geek on the inside…he is afterall a technical architect at Accenture) who has helped me through numerous web related problems in the past, and who was able to get my photo gallery running.

3) Tom Simpson – without whom my html skills would simply be non-existent.

4) My darling wife Margaret – who has put up with many a late night of me tap-tap-tapping away while I got all of this running…thanks sweetie!

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Glenn Rempe April 6, 2004, 4:28 pm

I prefer to emphasize the cool… ok, so I hacked my Tivo. You’re just jealous! 😉

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