Netscape…put it to bed already!


In other news from today, AOL reported wants to revitalize Netscape. According to a job posting from Jeremy Liew, the general manager of, “Netscape is aggressively hiring right now…we are treating Netscape as a ‘restart,’ with a mandate and a budget to take Netscape in a dramatically different direction, although still focusing on its current businesses as the No. 2 Web browser and No. 3 general audience portal.”

OK, there is no money to be made in the browser business; Microsoft has the overwhelming lead, and there are smaller and more nimble players in the secondary browser market (e.g. Opera, FireFox).

And #3 general audience portal? Oh, you mean all of those poor folks who can’t change the default homepage on their browsers…those are the people I want to reach with advertising? I don’t think so.

A “brand” without revenue is a ghost, a phantom. If Miller has any sense, he’ll put away his Netscape branded golf balls, and close the division. It’s gutted…it’s over…it makes zero financial sense to continue pouring money into the division, unless that is the ‘direction’ that Liew intends to take it to keep his job.

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