3rd Annual 9/11 Commemorative Fundraising Seminar

We held our 3rd annual 9/11 commemorative fundraising seminar at the dojo this past weekend at the dojo to raise money for The Bear Search & Rescue Foundation.  This year we exceeded all possible expectations and raised $3675 for the foundation.  It was a memorable seminar, not only because we saw faces of people who have supported the fundraiser for the past 3 years, but also because Captain Scott Shields came and gave a presentation about his work and the work of rescue teams in the field.  To top it off, my teacher received an award for “extraordinary service to humanity.”  Over 3 years we have raised over $7,000, about as much as it costs to train and qualify one search and rescue pair (dog + person), and when you think about just what such a team can do in rescue or recovery situations, you realize very quickly that our donations are going towards exceptional work.  Just Google “Captain Scott Shields” or check out the site link above to find out more about the extraordinary work that he and the foundation do so that others may live.

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