BlackBerry Pearl Ever-Loving Goodness!

Picked up the Pearl on opening day and have had nothing but great things to say about it since I powered it up. A recent ‘glitch’ was posted on Engadget regarding jostling the Pearl in your pocket; however, I haven’t experienced the problem yet. Perhaps it’s the way I set-up the Pearl for everyday use, but by default, I lock the keyboard when I put it in my pocket (hold down * to lock). I found that with an open-faced phone I got into the habit of locking the keyboard so as not to call someone accidentally from a favorite key, etc. When a call comes in, by default the screen comes up with two options: Answer or Ignore. Scrolling the pearl will select either of those two things and ‘clicking’ will select one or the other. I also have my phone set by default to Vibrate then ring in my ‘Normal’ setting so maybe I’ve just got lucky with how I use the phone to not have encountered this problem yet. As with all BlackBerries, RIM does take some care with OS upgrades, and with a lot riding on this product launch, I’m hopeful that they are paying attention to Engadget and the comments herein.

I’ll post a full review of my experience with the Pearl soon.

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