“Wow” wines under $200

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An old friend recently asked me to provide him with some wine selections as he’s a relative novice and wanted to step up his game. Below are some not-necessarily-life-changing-wines but ones that have the potential to change your entire perspective on wine if you haven’t ‘dug deep’ for a bottle in the $80 – $200….

Is Twitter Worth a Billion Bucks?

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With the recent news that Twitter got ‘popped’ at a billion dollar valuation, I got to weigh in–albeit briefly–on the subject in a Business Week article from Stephen Baker: There’s a perception that Twitter will have a grip on the real-time Web, which connects customers to brands. So what was I talking about?  Well, there’s….

Turning brainwaves into music

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That’s what some researchers in China have done.  Check out the sounds of your brainwaves: Utne Reader – Music From Your Brain

AdWeek: Connect the Thoughts

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In AdWeek, Brian Morrissey presents a good write-up of the analysis of social networking data and its implications.  He asked me to comment, and what made it into the article was: Many ad buyers are maintaining a “test and see” approach, since it’s unclear whether behavioral data derived from online social networks will supercharge ad….

Learning, and Profiting, from Online Friendships

Cover story of Business Week by Stephen Baker, author of The Numerati. What do these relationships [Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn] say about us and the people in our networks? Companies armed with rich new data and powerful computers are beginning to explore these questions. They’re finding that digital friendships speak volumes about us as consumers and….

Blog Talk Radio – Social Marketing conversation

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Hi, today I was interviewed by Scott Hoffman (of Lotame) on Blog Talk Radio along with my Underscore Marketing partner, Tom Hespos.  You can have a listen here.  Enjoy!

SNL: Seth Meyers, Really?!?, and Michael Phelps

One of the most sublime commentaries made on the bong/Phelps/Kellogg’s fiasco (2 mins): SNL – Really?!? – Michael Phelps, 02/07/2009 It’s all so damn good that I transcribed the last bit: “…and if you’re at a party and you see Michael Phelps smoking a bong and you’re first thought isn’t ‘wow I get to party….