Music for dummies

There’s been quite a buzz in the past week about all things related to the business of music. The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry recently announced that global music sales fell 7.6% in 2003, representing the “the steepest decline since the advent of the compact disc.” Not surprisingly, ‘rampant piracy’ was cited as a….

Class, 4/7

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Natural movement is one key to any encounter. Drunks frequently walk away from accidents because they are relaxed at the moment of impact. While I’m not suggesting that we walk through life drunk waiting for the chance physical encounter to come upon us, I am saying that rigid movement when applying (or receiving) physical technique….

Nuclear Power

Anyone remotely interested in the effects of radiation caused by nuclear activity would do well to visit the following travelogue of Elena, a woman who has traveled on motorcycle through the Chernobyl “dead zone.” Her pictures and story present the chilling reality of what happens when “things go wrong.” For reference, “radiation will stay in….

Class, 4/5

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In this evening’s class, we worked on the notion of bringing the sword into the empty space in front of your opponent. That is, the purpose of the cut (think of the wakizashi as a ‘planed’ object that takes flight upon movement) is to cut into the empty space, not the opponent. Don’t think about….

So just what is “Bujinkan?”

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For those who may know a little bit about me, I’ve been training in a martial art called Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu for the past 6+ years (at the time of this post). The art is over 1000 years old, and suffice to say now ineluctably intertwined with my life. I always learn and sometimes teach….


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So, as this is my first blog, I have to give some big shout-outs to the following people: 1) Tom Hespos – my business partner at Underscore who got me into the whole idea of setting up a blog in the first place. Were it not for his help, you would not be reading this!….