SNL: Seth Meyers, Really?!?, and Michael Phelps

One of the most sublime commentaries made on the bong/Phelps/Kellogg’s fiasco (2 mins): SNL – Really?!? – Michael Phelps, 02/07/2009 It’s all so damn good that I transcribed the last bit: “…and if you’re at a party and you see Michael Phelps smoking a bong and you’re first thought isn’t ‘wow I get to party….

The best intentions for this site

Over the past couple of months I’ve been taking inventory of the various ways in which I communicate, whether is be for myself to keep track of news and information (on NetVibes), externally through tweets, Facebook updates, NYGrapes updates, dojo updates, or this blog.  In short, while I hope to keep this site fresh, you….

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road – Politico Style

Thanks to John Durham for sharing these. WHY DID THE CHICKEN CROSS THE  ROAD? BARACK  OBAMA: The chicken crossed  the road because it was time for CHANGE! JOHN MCCAIN: My friends, that  chicken crossed the road because he recognized the need to engage in  cooperation and dialogue with all the chickens on the other side….

Private Air Hitchhiking

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Interesting article in the NYTimes about private jet interlopers…those who are the passengers in the lap of other people’s luxury travel.

Party in the Stomach

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Classic, classic, classic comedy skit by Jim Breuer:

Virtual Barber Shop

Auditory wonders await with your headphones…awesome!  Thanks to Malcolm Twist for sharing.

Skippyjon Jones

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A favorite book/character of my older daughter and catching some good press in the NYTimes too: I, Chihuahua

Hilarious Iggy Pop Concert Rider

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Some outstandingly outlandish requests: TSG Backstage: Iggy Pop Bob Hope Impersonator Pauillac from ’86, ’89 or ’90 BMW K1200 RS SE motorbike

Bob Ross returns with his despair black and hopeless brown

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And this time, he (or some one resembling him) is in the Netherlands, working for the Nobel Foundation to match young creatives with charities and non-profits: Good ol’ Titanium white… First discovered here.