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Hi, today I was interviewed by Scott Hoffman (of Lotame) on Blog Talk Radio along with my Underscore Marketing partner, Tom Hespos.  You can have a listen here.  Enjoy!

The best intentions for this site

Over the past couple of months I’ve been taking inventory of the various ways in which I communicate, whether is be for myself to keep track of news and information (on NetVibes), externally through tweets, Facebook updates, NYGrapes updates, dojo updates, or this blog.  In short, while I hope to keep this site fresh, you….

Quoted today in AdWeek – and further explanation

Earlier today I went to Yahoo’s unveiling of it’s APT platform.  Brian Morrissey, digital editor at AdWeek, was in attendance and his write-up is here.  I was quoted: Eric Porres, chief operating officer at Underscore Marketing, said Apt could help make finding targeted audiences easier for agencies, but the advances will mostly be felt on….

Jason Fried at Web 2.0

Just saw Jason Fried, the founder of 37 Signals (I use Basecamp and also am a regular reader of their blog) give one of the micro-keynotes at the Web 2.0 conference.  Here are a few quick notes: Building Software requires… – no raw materials – can build anywhere Challenges with building software – Doesn’t have….

Articles of Interest for 8/11/2008

Is Google a Media Company? – The New York Times Is Ad Targeting the Next Big Thing – Don Dodge Evil Genius: (The Good Side of PowerPoint) – Maya Design How To Demo Your Startup – Tech Crunch Facebook’s Redundant Ad Rating System – Tech Crunch Web Privacy on the Radar in Congress – The….

The Myth of the Creative Class

Jeff Jarvis wrote this very interesting and provocative blog post today. Here’s just a brief taste: The internet doesn’t make us more creative, I don’t think. But it does enable what we create to be seen, heard, and used. It enables every creator to find a public, the public he or she merits. And that….

T-Mobile taps into advertising zeitgeist

I came across this ad / write-up for T-Mobile Germany today (thanks to Greg March for pointing it out): The background is here (original audition): and then here (the finals): Maybe you already knew about this guy…I did not (either because I was living under a rock or have 2 small children….

A few months ago I started sketching out (and I have witnesses!) an idea for an update service to update multiple social nets from one source.  I back-burnered the idea after have a hard time coming up with a revenue model to support it.  With that said, the folks at had the similar idea,….

Milk Jug for a Green Earth

Interesting article from the NYTimes on the redesign of the gallon milk jug which has some pretty interesting implications regarding the balance between industrial design, functionality, and profitability: