Insert Flash Into PowerPoint

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If you’re in the interactive marketing industry, chances are you been asked or have watched other people struggle with embedding Flash in PPT. Well struggle no more! Check out the following article and links from InDesize to solves these woes.

Incomplete quotes….

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Now I know what it means to have something quoted ‘out-of-context.’ Last week I was quoted in the following article about the use of search marketing for the confirm/deny John Roberts debate. The quote attributed to me was: “Eric Porres…says the anti-Roberts movement hasn’t gained much momentum because Roberts isn’t especially controversial. If Roberts was….

Recent publication

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I just wrote the following article for iMediaConnection. This is a contribution that is part of a 12 week “open source” marketing effort by iMedia, and the article specifically deals with the triumphs and challenges associated with online behavioral targeting techniques and reaching the right amount of audience.

Stating the obvious

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According to a recent study by Nielsen/NetRatings, the percentage of people accessing the Web through a high-speed connection goes down as income level decreases, Not surprisingly, the cost of broadband is largely to blame. Water is wet. Fire is hot. The north pole is cold. The equator is warm. Come on! Can’t we report anything….

Netscape…put it to bed already!

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In other news from today, AOL reported wants to revitalize Netscape. According to a job posting from Jeremy Liew, the general manager of, “Netscape is aggressively hiring right now…we are treating Netscape as a ‘restart,’ with a mandate and a budget to take Netscape in a dramatically different direction, although still focusing on its….

Stumbling into obscurity…

Beethoven One of my favorite album titles of all time is Sarah Mclachlan’s “Fumbling towards Ecstasy.” It reminds me of “slipping into enlightenment,” a phrase used to describe the feeling that you get when you about to slip on a surface, recognize that you are about to fall, understand that there isn’t anything you can….