The best intentions for this site

Over the past couple of months I’ve been taking inventory of the various ways in which I communicate, whether is be for myself to keep track of news and information (on NetVibes), externally through tweets, Facebook updates, NYGrapes updates, dojo updates, or this blog.  In short, while I hope to keep this site fresh, you….

Solving Microsoft Word 2007 Problems

Image via Wikipedia Thanks to scouring the web I found the following blog from Tim Anderson where there were over 180 comments based on a post he made about a problem he was having in Word 2007…wading through the comments I found that they were all similar problems having to do with a corrupt registry. ….


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If you see no other movie this summer, Ratatouille should be at the top of your list.  It is a perfect movie, brilliantly acted and musically scored, and another home run for Pixar.  Thank you the Pixar team for producing such a spectacular vision!

Inventor of Instant Noodles Felled by Heart Attack

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The inventor of instant noodles, Momofuku Ando, died today of a heart attack. He was 96. Those noodles were slurped, guzzled and all but devoured during my college days. May his noodly spirit live on! News report, BBC Asia Update: Appreciations – Mr. Noodle (From New York Times)

Porres Coat of Arms

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Yes, it’s true, my roots can be traced through Italy and back to nobles living in Spain (the Val de Porres). This is an image of my family crest. If you are feeling adventurous and your Castillian is up to snuff, you can read about the Porres name and history here or try using Babelfish….

New Gallery!

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With the help of my friend and technorati Glenn Rempe, a new and improved photo gallery is up up up. It’s a huge improvement, both visually and functionally. Check it out and big props to Glenn for helping me out.

My 30th Birthday Party

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On Easter eve, a gaggle of revelers descended upon the upstairs lounge of The Spotted Pig to ring in my 30th birthday. My sincere and heartfelt thanks to those who were able to make it out; it meant a lot to me to see you all there, and I could not think of a finer….

The Move, Part II

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After many a long and sleepless night spent drifting and dreaming through old clothing, books, college reading materials, photos from the 1800s, finding an AOL Versio 2.0 (yes 2.0 folks) on a single floppy disk (yes, that’s a SINGLE floppy disk folks), CDs, furniture, more books, glass galore, electronic equipment, spices from the spice rack,….


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So, as this is my first blog, I have to give some big shout-outs to the following people: 1) Tom Hespos – my business partner at Underscore who got me into the whole idea of setting up a blog in the first place. Were it not for his help, you would not be reading this!….