iTunes fingers musical fraud

Tom Hespos forwarded me a link to this fascinating article (and even more fascinating analysis from a link in that article) about the doctored recordings of a British concert pianist (Joyce Hatto) who found fame in the last years of her life–and that is was all fraudulent because her “recordings” were digital imposters, manipulated recordings….

New Approaches to Instrument Design

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Fascinating article about the evolution of violin and guitar design.  To make a long story short, inventors are applying a bit more science to the ‘art’ of constructing string instruments, using sophisticated imaging and sound technology to test and refine how sound is shaped.  For the longer and more elegant description, just click on the….

A Chorus Line revisited

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We saw the new version of A Chorus Line tonight at the Schoenfeld Theater.  The audience was giddy with anticipation as of course, the original A Chorus Line was one of the most successful Broadway shows in history.  Having not seen the first show (but humming all the tunes in my head), I didn’t have….

The New Tastemakers & ChaCha

This past weekend, the The New York Times did a bang-up job describing the potential for revolutionary change in the music business brought on by such services as Pandora, if you don’t know, is a site that learns as much about your music listening preferences as it does give you new music to listen….

Percusien Fa

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Hespos sent the following You Tube link to me of a guy playing guitar who reminds me of Stanley Jordan. Check it out. The name of the guitarist is Erik Mongrain, hailing from Canada.

Tap That Tune

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OK, so I copped the title of this post from David Pogue’s post today about Song Tapper, a fascinating program where you can tap the syllables of a song lyric the way you might sing the song and it will spit back what it determines the song could be. I tapped out the refrain from….

Next Garage Band Song

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I’m still fiddling around with the loop browser and various sound effects…anyway, here’s the next joint, a 2 minute piece called “Eastern Meditation” (right click to Save As…zip file containing Apple encoded song) …I suppose it should be renamed Middle Eastern meditation because of the sounds used. Anyway, check it out and let me know….

First Garage Band Tune

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So I’m now gaga over Garage Band 3. I loaded up a few jam packs (more on the way), and threw this little ditty together today; keep in mind that this is the first time I’ve used Garage Band, so I expect my skills manipulating loops will improve over time (and more so when the….

Two Turntables and a Saxophone

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David Adler writes an interesting article on the interrelation between jazz and hip-hop.

Brazilian Girls

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Just picked up their self-titled album. Terrific multi-lingual multi-toned music (as they call it, “melting pop”)…highly recommended. You can find more information about them here: Brazilian Girls Official Site NPR Interview I hope to see them if/when they come back to Nublu for a set.