Over the past couple of months I’ve been taking inventory of the various ways in which I communicate, whether is be for myself to keep track of news and information (on NetVibes), externally through tweets, Facebook updates, NYGrapes updates, dojo updates, or this blog.  In short, while I hope to keep this site fresh, you are more likely to catch what I’m thinking about or doing via my Facebook (which is connected with Twitter) feed.  As the song goes (name that band!), “Time is the measure before it’s begun, Slips away like running water…” and I’m just out of time to write down at-length prose on all of the various topics I’m interested in.

So, if you know me (and by know I mean more than just we met once and/or we’ve communicated more than once since we were in highschool), have a look for me on Facebook.  Better yet, rather than pseudo-conversationalism through blogs, tweets, and the like, just pick up the phone and call.  Cheers.


Yes, it’s true, my roots can be traced through Italy and back to nobles living in Spain (the Val de Porres). This is an image of my family crest. If you are feeling adventurous and your Castillian is up to snuff, you can read about the Porres name and history here or try using Babelfish to decode it. Unfortunately Babelfish does an only OK job with the task.

Porres history in a nutshell – The first references to Porres come from the Valley of Porres, in Burgos, Spain, and its lord, Rui Lopez de Porres appear in a document from 1133. It seems that it was the lord that took the name from the valley and not the other way around. The first Porres to arrive to America is also well documented. He arrived from Spain just some few years after the first voyage by Columbus. San Martin de Porres (1579) was a direct descendant of him, but the history isn’t quite complete as to whether he was his son or grandson.