Long time no type…

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After a hiatus, the blogs of Porres will return!

NYC Events

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I’ve had the good fortune over the past several months to see The Boy From Oz and Cirque du Soleil’s Alegria. Hugh Jackman will be in Oz until September; Alegria will be on Randall’s Island until June 27th. If you are visiting from out of town, these are MUST SEE events. I also had the….

The Wine Cellar

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And there was much rejoicing (yeahhhhhhhhh)! After many months of slow and steady progress, we were able to complete our wine cellar. This is a project that started in 2003. The room that you see is underground, and we believe it was an old coal storage area. After much clearing and cleaning, we were able….

The Move, Part II

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After many a long and sleepless night spent drifting and dreaming through old clothing, books, college reading materials, photos from the 1800s, finding an AOL Versio 2.0 (yes 2.0 folks) on a single floppy disk (yes, that’s a SINGLE floppy disk folks), CDs, furniture, more books, glass galore, electronic equipment, spices from the spice rack,….

The Move, Part I

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We’re about to make the move this weekend from apartment 1 to interim apartment 2 until we finally settle into apartment 3. Word to the wise folks; if you plan to move, start packing early! Give yourself at least two weeks from the move date and work backwards. Interested in boxes on the cheap? Check….

Nicole & Chuck’s Wedding

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Newlyweds + Oldlyweds On Saturday, April 17, 2004, Nicole Cooper was married to Charles Johnson (IV). Nicole was an undergraduate with Margaret, and Charles (err… Chuck) was at graduate school with Margaret. Perhaps not surprisingly then, it was through Margaret that the two of them eventually met, fell in love, and voila, a wedding on….

Storm King, 2004

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Storm King Sculpture This past weekend, on the advice of my mom (yes, I still do listen!), we had the opportunity to visit the Storm King Arts Center in Mountainville, NY (about 1.5 hours from NYC…11 or so miles north of Bear Mountain). If you have any interest in large-form sculpture, ironwork, etc., then this….

Time to kill at the office

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Samorost Fly Guy As it has no doubt happened to you, every once in a while, someone passes along a link to a site (or today, two sites) that keeps you engrossed and away from your regular work duties. It quickly spreads across the Internet, until you find that two people who don’t know each….

Canon S500

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A view from the office This is the first picture I ever took with my new Canon S500 digital camera (thanks for the push, Amy!). Yes, it’s point-and-shoot, but it’s a damn fine point-and-shoot. 5MP, can record movies, etc. A great review of the camera is here. Thus far, the camera controls been super-intuitive as….