The law of unintended consequences…

From the AP today, infants have been stopped from boarding planes at airports throughout the United States because their names are the same as or similar to those of possible terrorists on the government’s no-fly list. Story here.

Outsourcing limitations….

I was home today to have one of our contractor’s staff come over to inspect the problem and root cause of the leaks that went into our bedroom last night (water dripping from roof into master bedroom, through light fixtures…not pretty). The fella showed up, we went up to the roof, and again we found….

This is Primo

We went and saw This is Primo last night. It’s a one-man show with Antony Sher as Primo Levi (an Italian Jewish chemist) recounting Primo Levi’s time in Auschwitz. It is a deeply moving dramatic experience delivered with an authenticity that I believe few actors could replicate. What did I gain from the experience? Well,….

Podcasting – Fad or Profit?

I came across the following two entries (1,2) written by Mark Cuban on podcasting today. It’s a great analysis of the revenue opportunity (or lack thereof) in podcasting and I believe that Mark’s analysis is on point. To add my 2 centimes to the analysis, Apple, by embracing podcasting (just as it did with iTunes),….

Ashes & Snow – Seen!

I’m trying to get caught up in some long overdue blog postings. My business partner at Underscore Marketing, Tom Hespos, is a far more regular poster than I am (must be his diet) to his blog. In any event, back in May, I had the opportunity to finally go see Ashes & Snow at the….

BMW Films…for Zee Germans…for Zee Motorcycles

One of my motorcyclist ethusiast friends sent me the following link today: From the outset, I was thinking “this is pushing the envelope a bit” for BMW (when you watch the movie you’ll see what I mean).

No Ash or Snow

I thought I’d make it over there. Instead, I went to WestBeth art gallery and saw a beautiful show of the last 40+ years of Jane Bolmeier’s artwork (visit Jane’s site at:

Ashes & Snow

I’m going to check out Ashes & Snow this weekend; I’ll post a summary of my experience soon.

Keith Olbermann Blogs Well Obi-Wan

My digital hat is off to Keith Olbermann and his blog. While I may not agree with his POV on all written things, he nevertheless has a wry sense of wit and a great sense of how to write for his audience. I always liked him back in the day on SportsCenter – now I….

Not a good precedent…

In the following NYTimes article, Is New York Losing Its Street Smarts?, one interviewee speaks of how she “feels that her cellphone keeps her safe. ‘I live in Windsor Terrace now, and I get on my cellphone whenever I walk home late at night by myself. Sometimes I will even just hold it up to….