I’ve recently come across the following event to do in NYC…Foodie. As the Web site states, foodie is a bi-monthly six-course food and wine tasting event based in New York City. Fifty passionate food and wine lovers come together in an elegant loft space to share a unique dining experience with friends or people with….

When science goes bad

Fat Man & Little Boy What is wrong with this picture? While they are kissing genetic cousins, one is decidedly the larger of the two. What went wrong? Where has this weird science taken us? Can apples no longer simply be apples, yearning to become sauce, butter, or juice? Alas, as you can tell, this….

If you are a small business road warrior, read this!

60 GB Drive The image to my right is an image of my dead IBM 60GB, 7200RPM hard-drive. After a mere three months of owning IBM’s supposed top-of-the-line T41p, the drive decided to crap out while I was in Japan. It wasn’t dropped. It wasn’t electrocuted. It wasn’t submerged in water. It just decided that….

Connecting the dots

There’s been a lot of editorial chaff thrown up in the past several weeks (well, ever since 9/12/01, but recently due to the bi-partisan commission that is investigating the September 11th attacks) about the failures of the U.S. intelligence community to uncover the 9/11 plot. Questions richochet off the halls of government: “Why didn’t we….

It was a drive-by fruiting….

were the words that Mrs. Doubtfire uttered as s/he clocked Pierce Brosnan’s character Stuart Dunmeyer with an orange in the movie. I was clocked in the noggin’ this past Friday by a driveby download, and after several painstaking hours, was able to remove the nefarious beasts from my system. Here are the four steps I….

Stumbling into obscurity…

Beethoven One of my favorite album titles of all time is Sarah Mclachlan’s “Fumbling towards Ecstasy.” It reminds me of “slipping into enlightenment,” a phrase used to describe the feeling that you get when you about to slip on a surface, recognize that you are about to fall, understand that there isn’t anything you can….

Music for dummies

There’s been quite a buzz in the past week about all things related to the business of music. The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry recently announced that global music sales fell 7.6% in 2003, representing the “the steepest decline since the advent of the compact disc.” Not surprisingly, ‘rampant piracy’ was cited as a….

Nuclear Power

Anyone remotely interested in the effects of radiation caused by nuclear activity would do well to visit the following travelogue of Elena, a woman who has traveled on motorcycle through the Chernobyl “dead zone.” Her pictures and story present the chilling reality of what happens when “things go wrong.” For reference, “radiation will stay in….