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I’ve been thinking about getting a Kindle for a long time.  I’ve had an Amazon wishlist of titles even longer; I pretty much keep any and all books I’m interested in but don’t have time to order/read immediately on that list. Out of curiosity, I added a Kindle device to my shopping cart, only to find that it was no easier to add any of the books on my current wishlist to my cart.  Clearly, every book title that is “Kindle-enabled” sits in a database.  Wouldn’t it be great if, when ordering a Kindle, you immediately got a secondary checklist of all the titles from your Wishlist that are Kindle-enabled?  It’s technically possible, and provides immediate incremental revenue.  Or, even less complex, for your wishlist, have a “Kindle-tally” of all the books in your wishlist that are Kindle-enabled?  I’d love to go through the 6 pages of titles I have, but I don’t have the time.  If technology can be a great enabler, then it damn well should.

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Jeff Jarvis wrote this very interesting and provocative blog post today. Here’s just a brief taste:

The internet doesn’t make us more creative, I don’t think. But it does enable what we create to be seen, heard, and used. It enables every creator to find a public, the public he or she merits. And that takes creation out of the proprietary hands of the supposed creative class.

Interested? Then read more. I had the good fortune to meet Jeff last year through a mutual acquaintance and spend some brainstorming time in a room with some other smart people. If one day I can write with 10% of his eloquence I will consider it a day of reckoning. I did make a more feeble attempt with my reply.

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I came across this ad / write-up for T-Mobile Germany today (thanks to Greg March for pointing it out):

The background is here (original audition):

and then here (the finals):

Maybe you already knew about this guy…I did not (either because I was living under a rock or have 2 small children to run after), but anyway I thought you would appreciate how T-Mobile weaved the story into the ad.

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Thanks to scouring the web I found the following blog from Tim Anderson where there were over 180 comments based on a post he made about a problem he was having in Word 2007…wading through the comments I found that they were all similar problems having to do with a corrupt registry.  I have no idea how I corrupted by registry, but be that as it may, following the advice of some comments and then a link to a buried Microsoft support page I was able to correct my problem…only wish I had discovered this yesterday and didn’t waste over an hour of uninstall/reinstall/office-diagnostics time.

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A few months ago I started sketching out (and I have witnesses!) an idea for an update service to update multiple social nets from one source.  I back-burnered the idea after have a hard time coming up with a revenue model to support it.  With that said, the folks at had the similar idea, and acted on it, launching the service not too long ago.  Check it out….interested to see how this evolves.

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Interesting article from the NYTimes on the redesign of the gallon milk jug which has some pretty interesting implications regarding the balance between industrial design, functionality, and profitability:

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I discovered the Zemanta WordPress plug-in courtesy of Fred Wilson’s blog a few days ago.  I’m giving it a test run right now and it appears that I need to write a decent amount of copy before it starts making suggestions.  So, here’s one application of Zemanta that could be interesting for corporations.  Let’s say that you have a 10,000 or more person enterprise who are each blogging or at least writing about their experiences, challenges, day-to-day activities, etc..  If Zemanta is able to pull from this virtual ‘tag cloud‘ of constantly updated information, then potentially that organization has the opportunity to cross-collaborate with disparate colleagues and peers based on what Zemanta ‘discovers’ for him or her.  Think of it as Wisdom of Crowds meets bug-tracking softwareMicrosoft, IBM, and any other bloated enterprise software company could pay big bucks to buy Zemanta and have it deployed as a service with its enterprise software deployments to empower knowledge workers who work at different companies to help each other solve their problems.

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RZA, one of the founding members of the Wu-Tang Clan, is also a big chess enthusiast, and just launched, where fans can play…chess.  Here’s an article from The New York Times on June 7th, along with a video.

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