Free idea for Jeff Bezos, Amazon & Kindle

I’ve been thinking about getting a Kindle for a long time.  I’ve had an Amazon wishlist of titles even longer; I pretty much keep any and all books I’m interested in but don’t have time to order/read immediately on that list. Out of curiosity, I added a Kindle device to my shopping cart, only to….

Articles of Interest for 8/11/2008

Is Google a Media Company? – The New York Times Is Ad Targeting the Next Big Thing – Don Dodge Evil Genius: (The Good Side of PowerPoint) – Maya Design How To Demo Your Startup – Tech Crunch Facebook’s Redundant Ad Rating System – Tech Crunch Web Privacy on the Radar in Congress – The….

The Myth of the Creative Class

Jeff Jarvis wrote this very interesting and provocative blog post today. Here’s just a brief taste: The internet doesn’t make us more creative, I don’t think. But it does enable what we create to be seen, heard, and used. It enables every creator to find a public, the public he or she merits. And that….

T-Mobile taps into advertising zeitgeist

I came across this ad / write-up for T-Mobile Germany today (thanks to Greg March for pointing it out): The background is here (original audition): and then here (the finals): Maybe you already knew about this guy…I did not (either because I was living under a rock or have 2 small children….

Solving Microsoft Word 2007 Problems

Image via Wikipedia Thanks to scouring the web I found the following blog from Tim Anderson where there were over 180 comments based on a post he made about a problem he was having in Word 2007…wading through the comments I found that they were all similar problems having to do with a corrupt registry. ….

A few months ago I started sketching out (and I have witnesses!) an idea for an update service to update multiple social nets from one source.  I back-burnered the idea after have a hard time coming up with a revenue model to support it.  With that said, the folks at had the similar idea,….

Milk Jug for a Green Earth

Interesting article from the NYTimes on the redesign of the gallon milk jug which has some pretty interesting implications regarding the balance between industrial design, functionality, and profitability:

Zemanta WordPress Plug-In

Image by chucks via Flickr I discovered the Zemanta WordPress plug-in courtesy of Fred Wilson’s blog a few days ago.  I’m giving it a test run right now and it appears that I need to write a decent amount of copy before it starts making suggestions.  So, here’s one application of Zemanta that could be…. – RZA

RZA, one of the founding members of the Wu-Tang Clan, is also a big chess enthusiast, and just launched, where fans can play…chess.  Here’s an article from The New York Times on June 7th, along with a video.