Clever design concept

It’s called the “Bloom.”  From the inventor: The Bloom device is meant to be a subversive and inspirational tool for our concrete jungles. Similar to the tuft of a dandelion as the wind carries the seedling, we propose a way of dispersing seedlings with bubbles and bicycling. Seeds are co-mingled with a bubble mixture and….

Virtual Barber Shop

Auditory wonders await with your headphones…awesome!  Thanks to Malcolm Twist for sharing.

Advertising that Rocks

Honda pushed the envelope this past week with a live commercial of a group of skydivers spelling the word “HONDA” before deploying their parachutes. Here’s the original live commercial Here’s an extended commercial (“Jump”) that wasn’t shown live but also features a team of skydivers creating objects in the sky (e.g. a wheel). And here’s….

Great Quote

Attributed to Vladimir Horowitz: If I don’t practice for a day, I know it. If I don’t practice for two days, my wife knows it. If I don’t practice for three days, the world knows it. and discovered here, an article in Fortune from 2006 about the secrets of greatness (practice and hard work).

Buried in these articles is a key to the monetization of social media…

Some nerdier than others, but I’ve printed these out and am thinking about them quite a bit… Friend Connect and the End of the Fragmentation Era Scaling a Microblogging Service How Stuff Spreads (4) The Bottle Glass Trick Can Social Networks Generate $1MM in Ad Revenue? 7 Rules for Investing in Start-Ups

ideablob spawns additional altruism

A couple of months ago, I wrote about Ideablob, an idea incubator of sorts developed by Advanta.  What appealed to be at the time was the “social” feature where site visitors could vote on ideas they like.  Now, it Advanta has hooked up with Kiva to spawn an impressive effort called Kiva Business for Business,….

7 Rules of Investments in Start-Ups from Kleiner Perkins

I try and keep up with a lot of different material related to the industry I’m in.  NetVibes has been a godsend for me, and today, I came across the following post from Don Dodge entitled “John Doerr of Kleiner Perkins and Mike Moritz of Sequoia investment rules.”  Now, I don’t know Don, but I….

“John” in Google

Brian Morrissey over at AdWeek was twittering the other day that searching for John in Google returns John Battelle’s blog over John Lennon…or the John the Baptist…or John McCain, and this shows just how much (too much) weight Google gives to blog traffic and links in its algorithm. To my knowledge this is not an….

A weather controlled, dynamic music video ?

Yep…while listening to SomaFM’s Groove Salad today, I came across a song called “You Make Me Feel” by Mike Milosh.  Great station, and great tune.  Anyway, I hopped over to iTunes to listen to some previews of other songs on the Milosh album, started to read reviews, and one review referenced a dynamic video of….

Explosion of Digital Agencies in the US

This is a good piece about digital agencies in the US, written by Scott Goodson, the founder of Strawberry Frog.  What I really like is how he positions Strawberry Frog as a ‘general contractor’ of great work.  I like to think that we at Underscore endeavor to position ourselves in a similar way for media. ….