Mountain Wing Suit – Personal Flying…with no plane

I’ve only had the brief pleasure of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, but these guys are absolutely insane.  A company called BirdMan is responsible for the creation of flying suits…literally, suits one can put where you both look and act like a flying squirrel.  Some call it slope-flying, an evolution of base-jumping, etc. ….

Top Gear Caparo T1 Test

Another slick and street legal car, the Caparo T1, put through its pace on Top Gear.

Bugatti Veyron – Fastest Car Ever Made….

Two amazing and absolutely terrific videos of the Veyron doing what it is meant to do…drive like a bat out of primordial hell: Bugatti Veyron on Top Gear – 407KM/hr Bugatti Veyron drag race with RAF Typhoon Jet Fighter on Top Gear


“Music has a deep connection to the workings of the brain. In his new book Musicophilia, literary neurologist Oliver Sacks writes about how rhythm and melody can trigger symptoms of neurological disease in some patients and help ease the conditions of others.” So begins a post at the WSJ’s health blog for an interview with….

Keeping a Myth Alive

May not be good from a public policy POV, according to this recent article in the Washington Post. The crux of the article: The conventional response to myths and urban legends is to counter bad information with accurate information. But the new psychological studies show that denials and clarifications, for all their intuitive appeal, can….

NYTimes Article: E-Mail is Easy to Write (and to Misread)

A little bit of social neuroscience anyone?  This article from the NYTimes speaks to the challenges of interpreting emails and the way they were meant to be read.  With the mass proliferation of email and other non-personal (face-to-face or voice-to-voice) forms of communication like instant messaging, we are increasingly at risk of not sending the….

Can you drive stick?

Amusing story in the NYTimes today about the pleasures of driving stick shift and whether understanding how to drive a manual transmission is one of life’s fundamental skills, like tying shoes, shuffling cards, or playing rock/paper/scissors. Shifting Habits

A Day in the Life of Oscar the Cat

I saw this article in the New England Journal of Medicine (via today) about a cat that ‘senses’  death at a nursing home in Providence, Rhode Island. Sounds odd?  Check it out for yourself.  The cat has a more than statistically significant ability to settle himself down by people who are within hours of….

How to Bypass Cellphone Voicemail

For a long time, I wondered why cellphone voicemails took such a damn long time to play. Well, David Pogue’s post today confirmed my suspicion–that the long message is merely another way to eek out extra $$$ since the voicemail lady chews up unnecessary seconds of airtime. Who the heck pages someone anymore? In any….