Robot Wars – The Terminator Was Right?

I read the following article in The Economist this past week that sent a chill up and down my spine. In a nutshell, Dr. Ronald Arkin at the Georgia Institute of Technology “is developing a set of rules of engagement for battlefield robots to ensure that their use of lethal force follows the rules of….

The WinePod Appears on CNBC!

A good friend who moved out to the west coast introduced me last year to Greg Snell, co-founder and CEO of ProVina, the makers of the WinePod, a state-of-the-art tool for small lot artisan winemaking.  Check out his appearance on CNBC’s Power Lunch segment today.

Surface Computing

Popular Mechanics has a terrific video demonstration of Microsoft’s recently announced surface computing hardware.  I’ve been a multitouch fan for a while (have a ThinkPad X61T with screen input for example, and of course Apple’s upcoming iPhone features multitouch prominently), and this demo shows where multitouch is going.  You’ll be able to find these multitouch….

The jig is up…Hatto’s husband admits to fraud

Joyce Hatto’s husband has come clean to say that all of her late “recordings” were in fact frauds of his own doing. Read about it here in this article from the Washington Post.

iTunes fingers musical fraud

Tom Hespos forwarded me a link to this fascinating article (and even more fascinating analysis from a link in that article) about the doctored recordings of a British concert pianist (Joyce Hatto) who found fame in the last years of her life–and that is was all fraudulent because her “recordings” were digital imposters, manipulated recordings….

Android Science

This is a segment from the Discovery Channel in Canada which aired last year about android science in Japan (specifically at Osaka Universrity). “Repliee Q2” is the name of an android that is at the forefront of technological innovation around ‘adaptive machine systems.’  You can find further demonstrations from the university website here in addition….

Rational rationale for climate control

In this week’s Economist (Nov 4-10 edition) you’ll find a review of Sir Nicholas Stern’s outlook on our ability to boil the planet and the timeline for doing so. I found the last few lines of the piece to be a very compelling and cogent response that the good folks in our government should be….

Troubadork – Weird Al – Still keepin’ it real after all of these years

Weird Al has been making me chuckle since as long as I can remember.  Sam Anderson has written a good article about Al’s history and influence on Slate.  You can find it here.


“60 Minutes” correspondent Scott Pelley traveled to the Darfur region in Sudan to track down a boy whose village was destroyed by the Janjaweed Arab militia. Millions of people have been displaced.  I have of course heard and read about the crisis in the Sudan, but nothing up until this report prepared me for the….

9/11, The Lunar Landing, and JFK Assassination

What do these three items have in common?  Batshit crazy lunatics who have conspiracy theories to disprove what facts and history supposedly don’t support.  Penn and Teller do an excellent job debunking them all here. Thanks to Glenn for pointing this out.