The Ambien Cookbook

Funny bit in The New Yorker about cooking and recipes as a result of taking Ambien.

MIT brings Physics to Virtual Paper

Huh? What do you mean by that title? Imagine drawing a triangle, a boxcar, and an arrow to represent gravity on a piece of paper. Now try to imagine if you could make the paper ‘act’ like the drawing anticipates it will. The clever folks at MIT are working on it. See a demonstration here.

Cool car videos

Coincidentally “ran across” some cool car videos today: 1) Ferrari Vs. Viper on Deadman’s Road – watch until the end. 2) Ghostrider – Bike chasing a BMW Z-3 M-Coupe – sweet power slides and overall unhealthy driving in this one 3) McLaren F1 at 242.96MPH – I always thought the McLaren was the coolest super….

So, how long is a piece of string?

When I am in client presentations, emails, or phone conversations where people ask unanswerable questions, I often reply “how long is a piece of string?”  Well, Tom Hespos may have found the answer (or a group of answers) at The Straight Dope.

Not Your Father’s Car Ads

I came across two pretty interesting car ads today, one for Honda and one for Audi. Honda Civic Ad – Produced in the UK for the new Civic released earlier this year, it’s a 2 minute ad that features a chorus that mimics the various sounds the Civic makes (I particularly like the driving-over-cobblestone and….


Found Alexaholic today…as described by the site: Alexaholic blends Alexa website traffic graphs with a lightweight ajax-enhanced interface to satisfy hard-core Alexa traffic chart junkies – aka Alexaholics. Webmasters, SEO/SEM specialists, and domain owners can compare and measure website statistics for up to five domains at once, switch traffic chart types and ranges without page….

The New Tastemakers & ChaCha

This past weekend, the The New York Times did a bang-up job describing the potential for revolutionary change in the music business brought on by such services as Pandora, if you don’t know, is a site that learns as much about your music listening preferences as it does give you new music to listen….

Universal Studios Employee Video Directed by Matt Stone and Trey Parker

Hilarious bit of satire – an employee orientation video commissioned Edgar Bronfman Jr but never really used…and you’ll see why.  Includes cameos by Spielberg, Michael J. Fox, Heavy D, John Singleton, Demi Moore, Sylvester Stallone, and others.