Exciting Pensions?

I never thought a discussion of pensions and dependency ratios could be so interesting until I read Malcolm Gladwell’s article in The New Yorker this past week.

2 Snow White Dwarfs > 2 Supreme Court Justices

To show just how much our country doesn’t know about ourselves, a poll was released today that shows that fully “three quarters of Americans can correctly identify two of Show White’s seven dwarfs while only a quarter can name two Supreme Court Justices.” And we’re giving illegal immigrants a hard time?

Wine Ratings Might Not Pass the Sobriety Test

Interesting article from the NYTimes yesterday that dissects the ‘market moving’ associated with getting a score above or below the 90pt threshold from wine critics, how the 100 pt system was invented, and its shortcomings.

James Earl Jones Star Wars Voiceover

Oooh…what a little audio/video editing can do! A 9+ minute take on Darth Vader appearances in Star Wars that cobbles together voice clips from various James Earl Jones movies (The Sandlot, FIeld of Dreams, Coming to America, etc. and a whole host of others that I don’t recognize).

Most wicked sports car ever…

But don’t just take my word for it, check out Ariel Atom. And of course Jay Leno gets the first US car!

Straight out of Minority Report

Unbelievably cool giant interactive video screen (like 16 ft by 9 ft) from Panasonic that lets you manipulate shapes, objects, video, …must be seen to be believed. Update to video is article to support it here.

The Network Is the Computer

Profound article on what network computing delivers by Jonathan Schwartz, President and COO of Sun Microsystems.

Chuck Norris Reads Chuck Norris Facts

Following up on my entry from a few weeks ago regarding Chuck Norris and his bad-ass abilities, may I now present you with Chuck Norris himself reciting his abilities!

Autistic Teen’s Hoop Dreams Come True

A friend of mine from the interactive industry and I were once riffing on what it would take to start a site or even a cable channel called “The Happy Channel” which would feature feel-good news, because let’s face it, there actually IS feel-good news out there but it’s cast off to the sidelines in….

The dancing red square…

A.K.A. how to waste perfectly good time out of your day on a motion-sensitive JavaScript game.