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Psssst….Classelist.com now live!

Hi there,

I wanted to let you know about the launch of www.classelist.com.  It is the easiest way for parents and class parents to collect, organize, and manage class information for the school year (and beyond!).

Being a parent is complicated. And when school is in session, it’s hard to keep track of what’s going on in your child’s school life. That’s why I created Classelist. It’s a simple solution to the age-old problem of getting in touch with the parents of your kid’s class or classes. It’s free to join. Easy to use. And a snap to manage.

So get started now. In just three easy steps you can create and manage a classelist for the whole school year. Classelist is appropriate for pre-school through high school grades. So what are you waiting for? Don’t be tardy. Join today.

If you’re not a parent, please share with your parenting friends!  The more we learn from you and your friends, the more we can create a great service.  And coming soon, Classelist will be expanding beyond class lists to neighborhood blocks, sports teams, associations, and tea parties, so stay tuned for new updates.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

Eric Porres, Founder
Classelist – Class Lists Made Easy

It’s been a great run with Lotame, and I’ve departed the firm to spend some time with my young family and pursue a number of entrepreneurial itches that I’ve wanted to scratch for some time.  I trust that the ad-tech community will be healthy and happy should I return.

These are used for...

Over the past couple of months I’ve been taking inventory of the various ways in which I communicate, whether is be for myself to keep track of news and information (on NetVibes), externally through tweets, Facebook updates, NYGrapes updates, dojo updates, or this blog.  In short, while I hope to keep this site fresh, you are more likely to catch what I’m thinking about or doing via my Facebook (which is connected with Twitter) feed.  As the song goes (name that band!), “Time is the measure before it’s begun, Slips away like running water…” and I’m just out of time to write down at-length prose on all of the various topics I’m interested in.

So, if you know me (and by know I mean more than just we met once and/or we’ve communicated more than once since we were in highschool), have a look for me on Facebook.  Better yet, rather than pseudo-conversationalism through blogs, tweets, and the like, just pick up the phone and call.  Cheers.


Just what I needed

By Eric P. from New York, NY on 5/22/2008


5out of 5

Pros: Comfortable, Lightweight, Handles Well, Good Geometry, Absorbs Shock Well, Great Components

Cons: Needs Better Seat

Best Uses: Casual Riding, Climbing, Racing, Serious Training

Describe Yourself: Weekend Warrior

I haven’t formally been on a road bike in about 15 years. A colleague suggested I join him for the Montauk Century several months back. Not wanting a comeuppance come race day, I comprehensively poured over online owner reviews, and extensively interviewed a few bike shop owners in NY. In the end, it came down to ride comfort and components and for my money the 2.3 excels in both areas. There are few other bikes you can find at this price point with some elements of carbon + quality components (105s + Ultegra derailleur).

So far, so good…in the end, we finished the 68.3 (metric version +) miles of the Montauk in just under 3.5 hrs, and now I’m hooked on cycling.


What do these three items have in common?  Batshit crazy lunatics who have conspiracy theories to disprove what facts and history supposedly don’t support.  Penn and Teller do an excellent job debunking them all here. Thanks to Glenn for pointing this out.

Picked up the Pearl on opening day and have had nothing but great things to say about it since I powered it up. A recent ‘glitch’ was posted on Engadget regarding jostling the Pearl in your pocket; however, I haven’t experienced the problem yet. Perhaps it’s the way I set-up the Pearl for everyday use, but by default, I lock the keyboard when I put it in my pocket (hold down * to lock). I found that with an open-faced phone I got into the habit of locking the keyboard so as not to call someone accidentally from a favorite key, etc. When a call comes in, by default the screen comes up with two options: Answer or Ignore. Scrolling the pearl will select either of those two things and ‘clicking’ will select one or the other. I also have my phone set by default to Vibrate then ring in my ‘Normal’ setting so maybe I’ve just got lucky with how I use the phone to not have encountered this problem yet. As with all BlackBerries, RIM does take some care with OS upgrades, and with a lot riding on this product launch, I’m hopeful that they are paying attention to Engadget and the comments herein.

I’ll post a full review of my experience with the Pearl soon.

We held our 3rd annual 9/11 commemorative fundraising seminar at the dojo this past weekend at the dojo to raise money for The Bear Search & Rescue Foundation.  This year we exceeded all possible expectations and raised $3675 for the foundation.  It was a memorable seminar, not only because we saw faces of people who have supported the fundraiser for the past 3 years, but also because Captain Scott Shields came and gave a presentation about his work and the work of rescue teams in the field.  To top it off, my teacher received an award for “extraordinary service to humanity.”  Over 3 years we have raised over $7,000, about as much as it costs to train and qualify one search and rescue pair (dog + person), and when you think about just what such a team can do in rescue or recovery situations, you realize very quickly that our donations are going towards exceptional work.  Just Google “Captain Scott Shields” or check out the site link above to find out more about the extraordinary work that he and the foundation do so that others may live.

Found Alexaholic today…as described by the site:

Alexaholic blends Alexa website traffic graphs with a lightweight ajax-enhanced interface to satisfy hard-core Alexa traffic chart junkies – aka Alexaholics.

Webmasters, SEO/SEM specialists, and domain owners can compare and measure website statistics for up to five domains at once, switch traffic chart types and ranges without page loads, and generate report pages that are easily bookmarked and shared.

Click on the following link for an example; it compares the page traffic to my site and the sites of some friends.  Naturally this can be used for smarter and less ego-centric purposes!

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