For Whom The Notre-Dame Bells Toll

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Interesting article in the NYTimes about Stéphane Urbain, is the CBR of Notre-Dame (that’s Chief Bell Ringer).  To rephrase: Mr. Urbain, a 40-year-old chemist by training, is the chief sacristan of the cathedral. As such, he is also the chief bell ringer. His role often brings mention of Quasimodo, Victor Hugo’s misshapen “Hunchback of Notre-Dame,”….


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I’ve been reading up on dystonia lately and wanted to share some of the available online literature: Pulling the wrong strings Leon Fleisher: Dealing with Dystonia – an chapter from Oliver Sacks’ fascinating Musicophilia Dystonia Overview Focal Dystonia in Musicians: From phenomenology to therapy Those who know me know that I have studied piano with….

Marcus Roberts is the man…

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As an avid musician and listener to many kinds of music–in particular jazz–I’ve followed Marcus Roberts for a long time, back to my early teens in the 80’s.  Along with an 8 piece band, Marcus Roberts absolutely shot the moon this past weekend, revisiting Deep in the Shed, an album he released in 1990, at….


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Tom Hespos passed along the following translation from PR-Speak to Engligh of selected portions of the Jerry Yang’s company-wide memo regarding the Microsoft takeover bid.  Quite funny….

The Digital Curator

I read this very interesting post today by Steve Rubel on the organization of information in our digital age.  I love the fact that he used the term Digital Renaissance in the 21st century…the first domain I ever purchased was domain in 1996 and now I may finally have a way to put it….

Google is sometimes fallible

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Every once in a while, a Google search query will make its way through the distributed server maze and cough up unrendered code like what you see in the screenshot.

The Secret to Effective Advertising Is Cognitive Neuroscience

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Recently I’ve been trying to get a little smarter on the subconscious effects of advertising, and this recent article in AdAge has a brief overview.  Here’s an excerpt: You don’t have to know anything about quantum physics to cook popcorn in a microwave. But in the world of advertising, you aren’t cooking popcorn. Instead, you’re….

Mountain Wing Suit – Personal Flying…with no plane

I’ve only had the brief pleasure of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, but these guys are absolutely insane.  A company called BirdMan is responsible for the creation of flying suits…literally, suits one can put where you both look and act like a flying squirrel.  Some call it slope-flying, an evolution of base-jumping, etc. ….

Top Gear Caparo T1 Test

Another slick and street legal car, the Caparo T1, put through its pace on Top Gear.