When science goes bad

Fat Man & Little Boy What is wrong with this picture? While they are kissing genetic cousins, one is decidedly the larger of the two. What went wrong? Where has this weird science taken us? Can apples no longer simply be apples, yearning to become sauce, butter, or juice? Alas, as you can tell, this….

If you are a small business road warrior, read this!

60 GB Drive The image to my right is an image of my dead IBM 60GB, 7200RPM hard-drive. After a mere three months of owning IBM’s supposed top-of-the-line T41p, the drive decided to crap out while I was in Japan. It wasn’t dropped. It wasn’t electrocuted. It wasn’t submerged in water. It just decided that….

Class, 4/14

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Basics – Jumongi – Crossing the line – the first set of strikes enables you to cross over the center line of your opponent in preparation for his next strike (if he comes after the first strike). Don’t (necessarily) enter a confrontation in a jumongi stance; rather, allow your posture to form as your opponent….

Time to kill at the office

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Samorost Fly Guy As it has no doubt happened to you, every once in a while, someone passes along a link to a site (or today, two sites) that keeps you engrossed and away from your regular work duties. It quickly spreads across the Internet, until you find that two people who don’t know each….

Class, 4/12

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Tonight we mainly worked on long-sword techniques. 1) One-on-one with a sword – Similar to last week, using the notion of cutting into the space and not your opponent to defeat him/her. Let the speed of your opponent cut himself. 2) One-on-one without your own sword – Understand where your footwork is in relation to….

Connecting the dots

There’s been a lot of editorial chaff thrown up in the past several weeks (well, ever since 9/12/01, but recently due to the bi-partisan commission that is investigating the September 11th attacks) about the failures of the U.S. intelligence community to uncover the 9/11 plot. Questions richochet off the halls of government: “Why didn’t we….

It was a drive-by fruiting….

were the words that Mrs. Doubtfire uttered as s/he clocked Pierce Brosnan’s character Stuart Dunmeyer with an orange in the movie. I was clocked in the noggin’ this past Friday by a driveby download, and after several painstaking hours, was able to remove the nefarious beasts from my system. Here are the four steps I….

Stumbling into obscurity…

Beethoven One of my favorite album titles of all time is Sarah Mclachlan’s “Fumbling towards Ecstasy.” It reminds me of “slipping into enlightenment,” a phrase used to describe the feeling that you get when you about to slip on a surface, recognize that you are about to fall, understand that there isn’t anything you can….

Canon S500

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A view from the office This is the first picture I ever took with my new Canon S500 digital camera (thanks for the push, Amy!). Yes, it’s point-and-shoot, but it’s a damn fine point-and-shoot. 5MP, can record movies, etc. A great review of the camera is here. Thus far, the camera controls been super-intuitive as….

Class, 4/8

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Small class this evening…worked on the sanshin no kata, rolling (with objects, w/out, over and under objects, towards them, picking objects up while rolling) and the kihon happo. For the upper belts, continued to work on the idea of transitioning from technique to technique within the kihon happo while controlling one’s opponent and also looking….