Mother horrified to see M&M licking himself

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A curiously edgy twist from Mars: Let’s see what the decency police say about this one…

Guinness Tipping Point (and spoof Tipping Pot) Ad

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The Original: And it’s spoofed doppelgänger:

Digging the Wordbook WordPress plugin…

I’ve recently been trying to figure out how I can update content in fewer places rather than more…between this blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, aSmallWorld and Twitter, there are just too many ways to say too many things in too many formats.  It’s like having 2 computers with different operating systems and 3 mobile devices, all of….


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Check out my nygrapes site for some nifty articles on all things wine related.

Synthetic Authenticity

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My mom told me about the following article that appeared in last week’s Time magazine entitled Synthetic Authenticity.  Here’s an excerpt: Gilmore and Pine write as much about culture as about business, and their new book on authenticity has crystallized the interaction between self and commerce in the current era the way The Experience Economy….

Lone Survivor – Author Interview

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I recently finished Lone Survivor, Marcus Luttrell’s account of his SEAL team mission gone horribly awry in Afghanistan. I came across the following interview of Luttrell by Matt Lauer on Good Morning America: and then another from NPR (audio here).

Obama’s perspective on race in America

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A sweeping and honest assessment of race relations in the US could not have been penned from a finer hand or deliver with such eloquent precision:

This is bad-ass – Baselining

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900 feet up…no tether…just a small parachute to deploy if you bail off the 180 foot long wire that runs across the canyon while you attempt to traverse it on your own.  Dean Potter can make all the Man Rules he likes….