New York Philharmonic Plays North Korea – online rebroadcast

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Great UI, absolutely terrible buffering!  I’m on a T-1 at my office (about 10 people share the line), and it’s jittery and jumbled to the max.  But…see the concert here. Looks like they sourced the digital playback from a company called Permission TV.

Ideablob & Launchbox

Ideablob is a pretty interesting site, brought to you by Advanta (the bank).  It is a place to submit ideas (inventions, new product lines, etc.) to potentially win $10K (contest expires 3/31) to help them grow, and adds a social layer wherein visitors can vote on ideas they like, and there is an advisory panel….

Interesting Semantic Web article from The Times Online (London)

“The semantic web is the term used by the computer and internet industry to describe the next phase of the web’s development, and essentially involves building web-based connectivity into any piece of data — not just a web page — so that it can “communicate” with other information. Whereas the existing web is a collection….

Skywalker Last Supper Painting Made With 69,550 Star Wars Frames

Pretty cool (link here). The algorithm used to assemble the mosaic came out of Matlab, from the The Mathworks, one of our (Underscore’s) clients.

Marketer’s Confessional!

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The folks at the December 2007 iMedia event in La Quinta, California interviewed me for a video on thoughts about interactive marketing, career advice, etc.  The full video was posted today!  You can check it out here: I’d like to thank the Academy in accepting this award 😉

Random Facts

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Found this site today with a bunch of random facts and trivia (i.e. good dinner party chit-chat).

Historic New York Philharmonic Concert in North Korea

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The NYTimes has a terrific article about the concert performed last night in North Korea by the New York Philharmonic, and the largest contingent of US citizens to step foot in North Korea since the Korean War.  Definitely check out the audio link to an interview (by Jeff Spurgeon) that I heard this morning on….

Bridal Jewelry Industry Update

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I’m working on a piece of business for a luxury goods company, and I came across the following round-up on the bridal jewelry industry.  One surprise (to me anyway) is that the purchase cycle is less seasonal than I thought.  There are plenty of graphs and compelling charts to share.  Check it out (if this….

Facebook – Groups VS. Pages

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I found this great post on the differences between setting up Facebook groups vs. pages.  Pages seem to kick-ass with regards to opportunities. Here’s the link:

American Dad – Langley Falls Post Headlines

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I stumbled across the following Wikia site which includes the humorous headlines from the opening of American Dad.  Some of my favorites: Optimist Drowns in Half-Full Tub Trans Fats Banned In NYC, Fat Trannies Still OK Bowler’s Union Strikes There are plenty more!